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Gas struts, also known as gas springs or gas lift supports, are mechanical devices used to support and control the motion of various objects. They consist of a cylinder filled with compressed gas, typically nitrogen, and a piston rod connected to a piston inside the cylinder.

At VIP Central Coast, we have the following Strut range.

Standard 6/15 mm, 8/18 mm, 10/22 mm, 14/28 mm & Stainless Steel

We can supply you with new gas struts or supply and fit for you.  Get in touch today for a quote.

What we need to make this easier for you...


Car type: make, model & year? _______

Length of your gas strut? _____mm

(Measure from the middle of the end to the middle of the other end when fully open)

What is the diameter of your gas strut shaft? _____mm

(Measure across the shaft that goes in and out)

Strut ends? ______

(Plastic, Metal, Ball Cups, Clevis & Pin)

Pressure of the strut?_______nm or ______kg

(On the side of your original gas struts it should be written 300nm or 300n) or (If it is a new strut we need to know the weight of the door at the anchor points of the struts. How e.g. Use your bathroom scales and a stick, place the stick at the anchor point of the door in the open position)

Manufactured to the Automotive Standards ISO/TS 16949

2-year guarantee

Double-sealed strut.

No job is too small.

Talk to a company with 30 years of experience. 

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