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Professional Car Detailing vs DIY Cleaning

As inflation rates rise and the increased cost of living starts to limit disposable income, plenty of people have begun weighing up the cost-effectiveness of various expenditures; professional car detailing is one of them.

While attempting to get a professional valet finish on your car on a budget may seem tempting, there are many downsides to the DIY approach. So, before you start stocking up on those DIY car detailing products, consider how professional car detailing can save you money in the long run. Also, you should bear in mind that many professional detailing services across Australia operate on a mobile and remote basis. This means that you won’t have to drop off your car for 1 – 10 hours for it to be serviced, you will be able to go about your day while your professional car detail takes place.

1. Long term vs Short Term Costs

There are many cheap products on the market that claim to help you to get a professional finish. But is it really what it says on the tin? Cheap products can often contain harmful and corrosive chemicals that will do more harm than good in the long run.

Alternatively, if you choose to trust a professional car detailer to make your car spick and span, you can rest assured that they will only use the safest and most effective products and tools on the market. Furthermore, valet companies spend copious amounts of time researching the most cost-effective and time-effective methods to detail your car to pass down the savings to you while never compromising on the final product.

2. Time is Money; So How Much Are You Really Saving?

The phrase time is money definitely applies here. If your car has seen a lot of wear and tear and needs some extra TLC, a professional valet can take up to eight hours – that timeframe becomes significantly higher with larger vehicles. If you can afford to value your time more than money, a professional car detailing will undoubtedly be of benefit for you.

Furthermore, many professional car detailing companies have different packages to offer to suit their different customer base. Basic valet services can be offered for as little as $99. Keep in mind that even a basic detailing service includes dressed tyres, interior deodorisation, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, door jam cleaning, wheel cleaning and exterior wash.

3. Protecting Your Vehicle Value in the Second-Hand Car Market Boom

The second-hand car market has boomed across the globe during the 2020 lockdown. With fewer people wanting to take public transport and lack of new cars there has been an increased demand for second-hand cars, in turn, this has driven up the value of used cars all across Australia.

To make sure that you get as much bang for your buck as possible when it comes to selling your vehicle, you will want to make sure that it stays in optimal condition. If your car comes with leather detailing, it is crucial to ensure that the leather does not crack or corrode over time. The cost of replacing the leather will be far higher than the standard car detailing service that will condition the leather for you. Even if you don’t anticipate selling your car now, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a possibility down the line.

Plenty of car owners have felt the frustration of damaging their cars while trying to clean and maintain them. The chances of your car getting damaged by a professional valet cleaner are much slimmer than if you were to attempt it yourself. This mostly comes down to the fact that professionals know where to apply pressure and which parts of your car need a gentler touch.

4. Classic Cars vs Everyday Cars

Maintaining classic cars over years and decades can be a highly lucrative endeavour for classic car owners. Even without the financial gain that you stand to make if you decide to sell your classic car, their emotional value can be substantial too. Maintaining the mint condition of a highly sought-after classic can become a great source of pride and joy for classic car owners. Unless you are a pro at car detailing yourself, it is highly recommended that you enlist car detailers on a regular basis to keep your classic in mint condition.

5. Pre-Sale Cleans

If you are planning on selling your car or vehicle, you will want to ensure that you get the best price possible. If you attempt to sell your vehicle with pet hair in the boot, sand in the footwells and crumbs between your seats, don’t be surprised if you get offered less than you anticipated.

All cars pending sale should go through a deep extensive clean that includes an exterior power clean, tar removal, clay bar work, machine buff on the exterior, hand-applied polish, interior vacuuming, roof lining cleaning, and deodorisation.

6. Be Realistic About Your Attention to Detail

For professional car detailing companies, their reputation depends on their meticulous attention to detail and delivering a polished finished product. Even if you have a keen eye for detail yourself and you are fastidious in your approach to cleaning your car, it is far more likely in our busy lives that your attention and enthusiasm towards your DIY car valeting will start to wane. A professional car detailing can take up to ten hours, be realistic about maintaining your enthusiasm for that long.

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